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We are manufacturers of cold rolled structural sections for mezzanine flooring and steel frame buildings which includes C purlins, Z purlins, Eaves beams and all accessories
The photos to the right are of commercial and industrial buildings that have been errected using our cold rolled sections, on each building a combination of c purlins and z purlins were used to the roof and side walls,our eaves beam was used at the eaves with anti sag accessories such as purlin strut and tie wires to the walls, c sections were used to trim out all doors and windows please visit our roofing and cladding site


for roofing sheets and roofing panels please visit our sales site


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The versatility of cold rolled steel c-sections

cee sections or c - sections, cee purlins or c-purlins, cladding rails etc are a rollformed structural member primarily used as secondary steel work to support roofing and cladding
materials, they are also used extensively in mezzanine floors as the section that spans between the main supports, ultimately they can be used in any building situation requiring a
fixing point for virtually any type of building material, our c-sections are roll formed from high tensile z39min galvanized steel and can be manufactured to any length, we can punch
or notch the c-section any where down its length and have standard cleats for roof, sidewall, mezzanine floor applications ,

Below shows how versatile c purlins can be, a light gauge steel shed can be built using the c purlins as columns, rafters, roof purlins and cladding rails

c purlins-- c purlins 2-- c purlins 3-- c purlins 4
we can design,manufacture and errect buildings including all the roofing and cladding please ring for details 0191 2672900 a nation wide delivery service and would welcome
any enquiry you may have

About Us

We manufacture a full range of structural sections for the building trade including c sections, cee sections, cee purlins which are all the same product generally used on mezzanine floors , z purlins, cladding rails, eaves beams and associated products. We also manufacture a wide range of roofing sheets liner panels and cladding materials including accessories such as flashings and rain water goods. Our delivery service is throughout the UK and in some cases we can manufacture and deliver within days. We can provide a full ffixing service of all c purlins etc including an industrial roofing and cladding service